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Memories of Lanfranc and 1961.

Old Lanfrancians who contributed to ‘The Lanfranc Boys’ gave so much information, that not all of it could be used in the commemorative book. It is recorded here as their memories of their school days and what the Holtaheia tragedy meant to them. Many of them might have gone to Norway, but did not, for various reasons. They went on to live their lives. These are their memories.

Clive Grummett recalls friends and masters at Lanfranc
Memories from Old Lanfrancians of Lanfranc School and their school teachers
Memories of John Wells from Bill Hunstone
I remember Edward Prosper- by Peter Moore
My Lanfranc Memories by Ian Bell
John Martin’s Memories of Lanfranc boy’s school
John Cooke - My Memories of Lanfranc and the Austria school holiday 1961
My Memories of Lanfranc by Len Dee
Brian Mitchell and ‘RECOLLECTIONS OF AN EVENTFUL CAMP - AND SOME GOOD SCOUTS’ - by Scout friend Paul Fairweather

David Underwood - My Memories of Lanfranc
Friendships at Lanfranc Boys School - By Peter Moore
Memories of The Lanfranc Boys - By Sue Gaunson (nee Susan Pitts)
Memories of John Leonard Wells - By Bill Hunstone
Norman Sutton Memories
Wenche Davis' Memories
David Hatchard - Andrea Hillyer's Memories
David Hatchard - Howard Ridgewell's Memories
My memories of Lanfranc – By Brian Page

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