Flystyrten i Holtaheia was translated into Norwegian from The Lanfranc Boys. It does not include the personal memories of the victims.

Both books were launched to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of the disaster on Holtaheia. This commemoration was attended by relatives and friends of the victims, many of the original Red Cross Hjelpekorps rescuers, Royal Norwegian Air Force personnel, local folk from Strand and people from Stavanger who had not forgotten the tragedy. Among the assembly were two people who were to become ‘detectives’ to help solve ‘The Papa Mike Mystery’. British Eagle Archivist Eric Tarrant attended to lay a wreath on behalf of the ‘Eagle Family’. Asst. Air Traffic Controller Helene Bjørntvedt, from Sola, had contributed an idea to the books and was passionate about air safety. On meeting them, Rosalind Jones had no idea that one day she would be assisted by them when writing another book. At that time, she could not believe that the ‘mystery’ surrounding the crash would ever be solved.

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39 mennesker mistet livet da et fly fra britiske Cunard Eagle Airways styrtet i Holtaheia i Rogaland den 9. august 1961. Tragedien ble svært omfattende, ettersom 36 av de omkomne kom fra samme by og samme skole i England. Rosalind Jones mistet sin bror i ulykken. Hun presenterer et nærportrett av de omkomne og deres etterlatte, og også av de mange norske hjelpemannskapene som var involvert da den ufattelige ulykken inntraff.Rosalind Jones (f. 1946) er født og oppvokst i London, men bor nå i Normandie i Frankrike. Jones har studert botanikk, zoologi og geologi ved universitetet i London. Hun har publisert ulike bøker om skotsk naturhistorie og geografi. I 1961 mistet hun sin bror Quentin i flyulykken i Holtaheia. Etter et besøk på Holtaheia i 1987 bestemte hun seg for å skrive bok om tragedien.Tittel: Flystyrten i Holtaheia Originaltittel: The Lanfranc Boys - Forfatter: Rosalind JonesISBN: 9788282330527 Format: 15×21 cm Antall sider: 256Innbundet

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